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Summer 2018: Acrylics Make a Comeback!

Posted on November 28 2018

Summer 2018: Acrylics Make a Comeback!

Summer is finally here and with it, so is the need to update your wardrobe and fashion accessories! With the arrival of every new season, it’s time to embrace the new fashion trends that accompany the changing season. This season is no different!

Any guess for the latest trend of summer 2018?

It’s acrylic! Yes, acrylic earrings are coming back into fashion this summer and have taken the fashion industry by storm. Say goodbye to heavy metal earrings that leave your ear-holes inflamed and hurting. It’s time to bring back those acrylic earrings that you’ve seen your mother wearing in her old photos back from the 20th century!

The Origin of Acrylic Earrings

I’m sure you’ve all found your mum’s old acrylic earrings hiding somewhere in the drawers of her dressing table. You probably thought to yourself “Ew, who would wear those?” when you first saw them. Well, they’re a trend of the mid-late 20th century. Acrylics were very common back then with a multitude of shapes and sizes available on the market. They were ideally worn on miniskirts and with old-fashioned shades. They were a huge hit in the 1960s and it looks like they’re back on the market for good now!

The Rise of Acrylic Earrings today

Acrylic earrings have come back classier and prettier than ever! Various shapes and sizes have been in the market this season and they look incredibly stunning and sophisticated. So, let’s embrace this latest summer trend with arms wide open!

The acrylic earrings summer trend has been a huge hit in Europe and the USA. This is because acrylic earrings have many advantages over metal earrings. They’re lightweight, easier to carry, and are much more affordable than metal earrings.

Not only this but most acrylic earrings are also scratch resistant, which means that they’re safe from scratches inflicted by your bag’s chain or any other similar item in which the earrings are stored and will last forever.

The biggest advantage of acrylic earrings so far has been the fact that with acrylic earrings, you can get much more diversity than with any other types of earrings. Metal earrings have a certain basic color that cannot be changed. On the other hand, acrylic earrings can be made in a wide range of tones and colors with various designs and patterns. They can easily be molded into all types of shapes and figures to suit the ongoing trends.

The glossy and smooth texture of acrylic earrings sets them apart from other types of earrings, giving them a classy and stunning look with streaks of different colors and unique patterns.

Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing this latest summer fashion trend. This includes the beautiful High School Musical actress and So You Think You Can Dance celebrity, Vanessa Hudgens.

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Vanessa has shared her summer acrylic fashion on Instagram showing her fans that you can wear them with casual everyday wear, beautiful summer dresses or sophisticated evening wear. So, you think you can you rock these acrylic earrings?

Well, you won’t know unless you try! To help you out, we’ve listed a few of the top acrylic earrings that are trending below so that you can get them and try them out!

Tiffany Teardrop Earrings

 One word: classy!

These Tiffany Teardrop earrings look unbelievably classy! You can pair them up with formal dresses for formal occasions or you can even wear them on a casual date night out. These earrings will never disappoint you, no matter what the occasion is! The glossy texture of the acrylic gives it a polished end look that enhances the beauty of the earrings.

Check them out here.
Check out other colours and styles here.


Statement Hoops


These fancy earrings give a casual and funky look that cannot be brought about by any other material other than acrylic. They can be worn to casual parties or when you’re going out to the mall with your friends. They look stunning and enhance your outfit.

Check them out here.
Check out other colours here.


Blue Mosaic Studs

The benefits of acrylic earrings are pretty well-explained in this single earring above! It’s molded into a beautiful and funky warped circular shape with specs of vibrant colors. These interesting acrylic earrings can give anyone a fresh, vibrant appearance.

You can purchase these earrings here.
Check out other colours here.


The Lioness


Once again, class redefined! This earring has an intense fiery amber pattern. It’s a pretty mesmerizing and stunning pattern with an external glossy appearance. You see, this is why acrylic earrings have become such a big summer trend. Look at how irregular these earrings are, but they still manage to look so pretty and elegant! You can dress these earrings up with any formal black dress or dress them down with any other semi-formal or casual outfit. Also, acrylic earrings are resistant to scratch if they’re made from high-quality acrylic. So, what more could you want in an earring?

Check out these earrings here.
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Cocktail Hoops


Okay, wow! The elegance and simplicity of these beautiful earrings are unparalleled by any metal earrings. Look at how simple and delicate they are. These are one of the earrings you can wear to any occasion because they’ll always fit!

Check them out here.
Check out other colours here.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop this latest summer trend that has invaded the fashion industry at the speed of lightning. Well, you could also save money and look for them in your mum’s old jewelry organizer! You’re bound to find a few pretty acrylic earrings stored inside! It’s finally time to get the dust off them and put them to good use!